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Order qsymia online was studied in 2 large trials that involved 3,754 patients 18 years and older whose BMI was 27 kg/m2 or greater. For the subjects in the 2 studies the average baseline weight was 256 lbs and 227 lbs, and the average baseline waist circumference was 47 inches and 45 inches. Patients were randomized to placebo, phentermine 3.75 mg/topiramate 23 mg (starter dose), phentermine 7.5 mg/topiramate 46 mg (recommended dose), or phentermine 15 mg/topiramate 92 mg (top dose). In these trials, it was recommended that patients eat a well-balanced diet and reduce their caloric intake by 500 kcal/day.QsymiaΒ is clinically proven to help adult patients lose weight and inches off their waist. 1,2 SEE THE REAL RESULTS *RETAIL AND HOME DELIVERY PHARMACY $79 is the average retail pharmacy price after copay, calculated between January-June 2022. Source: McKesson Specialty Health 2022. The average price after copay without commercial


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